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Disability Lawyers Bucks County

Bucks County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Statistics clearly show that Bucks County claimants who are represented by an attorney in Upper, Central, and Lower Bucks County win their Social Security benefits far more often than those who try to handle matters on their own. This is true at every stage, even the initial claim and reconsideration stages, as well as the hearing before the administrative law judge.  Best of all, there is no fee unless you win.

Having Bucks County representation helps because the regulations that govern the Social Security Administration’s disability program are so complex. There are medical records to be collected, questions to answer and deadlines to meet. Many- especially people who are already struggling with a disability – often find it overwhelming to handle the process alone.  You need a Bucks County Social Security Disability Lawyer to assist you in your pursuit of your claim.

Disability Applicants Need a Fighter in Their Corner

A Bucks County Disability Lawyer provides many benefits to a claimant. The Social Security Administration makes the process very difficult for claimants. My firm has represented thousands of claimants and has the experience necessary to provide you aggressive, vigorous representation.

I have three offices located throughout Bucks County to accommodate all citizens of the County for their disability needs.  We will go over your work history to determine if you are SSI/SSD eligible, the anticipated timeline for the disability process, and the types of disabilities that allow someone to receive Social Security benefits.

Call the Bucks County Disability Law Office now for a free evaluation and consultation.

Bucks County Disability Lawyer Law Firm provides representation and explains the type of disabilities for Social Security, the disability process, difference between SSD/SSI, and whether you should file.

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