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Disability Law Firm in Bucks County Explains SSI and SSD

You have probably heard a lot of conflicting explanations on whether you qualify for SSI, SSD, or both.  Social Security even has a chart that explains the difference, but its simplicity does not explain the complexity behind determining what you qualify for.  Before you start using an online calculator to try to determine if you qualify, you should first contact Bucks County Disability Attorney Paul Young and his law firm of disability lawyers to hep you.  The evaluation is free and they will better be able to assist you in determining if you are eligible for SSD, SSI, or both.

Essentially, SSD eligibility is determined by your prior work history.  If you have enough “work credits”, you may be eligible for SSD, which generally provides a higher monthly benefit and quicker access to Medicaid.  The disability law office of Bucks County will have to go through your “work quarters” to determine your eligibility.

There are also other potential benefits available, such as widows, children’s, young adult disability benefits, and long-term disability benefits.  Again, make sure to bring these up to your disability lawyer.

Eligibility for Disability

Work credits are clearly just the beginning of whether you qualify for SSI and/or SSD.  Remember — regardless of whether you are SSI or SSD eligible, you must still go through the disability process to adjudicate that you are not able to work.  For example, a person in Bensalem, Bucks County, may have enough work credits to be SSD eligible, but their age and medically documented disability will still play a factor in the ultimate determination of whether they get benefits.  If they have a Bucks County disability attorney assisting them, they increase their chances of prevailing through the process and achieving the benefits they so justly deserve.

In any event, an individual should definitely contact one of Paul Young, Esquire’s law offices in Bucks County for a free evaluation.  It never hurts to have an experienced, battle-tested lawyer like Paul Young help you in navigating the complex disability process.

Bucks County Disability Lawyer Law Firm provides the type of disabilities for Social Security, the disability process, difference between SSD/SSI, and whether you should file.

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